Child Development & Paediatric Movement Course

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Are you wanting to work with the paediatric population or do you already work with them and want to improve your prescription, report writing and your exercise database?

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Understanding child development, the impact of physical development on all areas of child development and how to run an effective movement program for children.

50% – Familiarisation/background of topic

30% – Exercise prescription

20% – Exercise delivery for the demographic

Learning Outcomes

  1.  A good understanding of exercise recommendations for children aged 1 - 12 years old.
  2. Comprehension of child developmental key areas and how physical development impacts each area.
  3. Understanding of movement progression
  4. A thorough understanding of age specific exercise prescription
  5. Knowledge of what a child needs during the early stages of development and movement progression.
  6. Key strategies of promoting physical development and knowledge of promoting development in all key areas.
  7. Knowledge of indicators in relation to developmental concerns and who to refer to
  8. Tools to implement in providing group exercise within a group of children.
  9. Understanding of Pilates Principles for children
  10. Effective strategies on teaching children
  11. Exercise Prescription to target the specific areas of development
  12. Sample and ready to use exercise sessions for specific areas of development
  13. Common developmental concerns and specifics
  14. Being able to recognise the technique or common movement faults in children
  15. A good grasp and toolkit on how to promote movement programs

What You Get:

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What You Get:

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  • Child Development Overview
  • Key developmental areas & Physical Development
  • Promoting Development through movement
  • Pilates & Child Development
  • Key Development Exercises
  • Teaching Children & Common movement faults & concerns within this demographic

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Points: 10 Essa PD Points


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Understanding child development, the impact of physical development on all areas of child development and how to run an effective movement program for children.

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About Liz

Liz Dawson is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Pilates instructor and owner and director of Kids Heart Pilates & Northside Allied Health. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Human Movement Studies in 2009, she has worked across a number of health disciplines, including weight management and clinical disease and injury rehabilitation.

Liz has relished in the experience of developing Pilates based movement programs for children over the last 10 years across a range of facilities including, kindergartens, child cares, preschools, primary and high schools since 2010. Extending on the repertoire of Kids Heart Pilates programs, and in response to an increasing demand for convenience, in both the home and classroom, Liz proudly launched an online Pilates program available for families worldwide.

She is now extremely excited to launch her teacher training and help educate other health professionals on effective ways on working with children, a course that she has poured her time and passion into for 2 years.